Friday, October 30, 2009

Week 3 workout

Finished workout #3 for this week last night -- and it felt pretty good.
I ran really slow, with a two minute break right in the middle, for 30 minutes.
Moving the strength training to the end of my workout has certainly made a difference,
now if I could just resist the goodies I'd be on track. :) :)

I am going to try and squeeze in another run this weekend, just to make up for the cupcakes!

1 comment:

  1. Kim, you are doing awesome!! Keep up the good work. My way to avoid the candy was to decide not to eat it at all. It is easier for me to have none than to try to limit it. I know, I am a little messed up. :-) We will see if it makes me binge later. I did have some apple cobbler last night. Treats should definitely be allowed. I am glad you are finding things that work for you. See you tomorrow!