Saturday, November 14, 2009

Need new updates

Alright ladies! I want to know how you are doing! The Give n Gobble is in 2 weeks. How do you feel? You should be able to do 25 minutes comfortably now. If not, keep trying. Go a little slower if you need to.

Next week, for your 3 days I want you to do 28 minutes all 3 days. Then I want to hear how it goes. If you put in the effort, you will see results, I promise.

I hope to hear from you soon. Good luck in class on Monday!

Coach Kelly M.


  1. Well... I was the ONLY one to show up this morning to work out with Kelly. It was killer!!
    She did give me some great moves to I can incorporate into my workout and strength training.
    It was a great way to start the week - with a good butt-kickin'
    I was sad to know that this was our last week and no one was there to share in the celebration of how far we have come in 6 short weeks!
    Looking forward to seeing whomever can be there at the Give-n-Gobble!

  2. I am glad you went Kim. At least you were able to get your own one-on-one personal trainer. :-) Keep me posted with your runs. I definitely want to catch up when I get back. I will be bugging you this week. Hopefully you can get to 30 minutes without stopping and then you will be ready for the Give n Gobble. Make sure you get your runs in this week. Keep that endurance up!

  3. Kim- must have been going around.... I was the only one Monday night with Katie. :) Kicked my butt too! I ran on the treadmill (thankfully!) and did 3 miles no stopping. I hated it, but felt so good. I haven't run it without walking some of it and I did! I told Katie my husband wouldn't believe it- so she took my cell and called him! :) I'm sad class is over... kinda. I talked to my husband last night and told him I wanted to continue going on Monday nights, so I can get into the Y at least once a week. Strange though that since I ran on Monday, I WANT to go run now... sick, I know! :)